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Notice: All trades or sales are private transactions between individuals--the Exchange is simply a listing point for those who wish to make such trades and is no way involved in any transactions, nor may it be held responsible for any problems.
Visitors to this site are especially advised to be wary of claims that an item is "ivory". See our What's It Made Of? page for assistance in how to tell ivory from bone. Caveat emptor -- make sure you're sure before you buy.

Individual Tiles for Sale

NOTE: This bulletin board is where SELLERS post announcements of loose mah-jongg tiles they are offering FOR SALE or trade.

BUYERS: Just scroll down and read the posts. Contact sellers who are offering what you're looking for. AND see our "Tiles Wanted" bulletin board as well (click link at left).

SELLERS: Please write an email describing the individual tiles you have to sell or trade. Limit one post per seller (second post will result in deletion of previous post).
Sellers are advised to be wary of buyers who place large orders, then send a check for considerably more than the purchase amount and want the surplus refund mailed to an alleged friend or relative. The check is no good. Read FAQ 7.n.
In February 2014, the U.S. instituted a ban on interstate sale of ivory items, and made it illegal to sell ivory items without a permit that can be obtained only by proving that the items were imported to the U.S. before the 1989 import ban. Consequently, this site no longer accepts any ads for ivory items.
Sellers: not sure if your set is ivory? See our What's It Made Of? page for assistance in how to tell ivory from bone.

Sellers: EMAIL YOUR ANNOUNCEMENT to or click the picture below to submit your Tiles For Sale post. In your email, you must describe the tiles you are selling. Entries that do not provide sufficient information about your tiles will not be posted. No shouting, please. Typing in all capital letters is considered "shouting." If any part of your post is typed in all capital letters, it will be converted to all lower case before going online. No information you provide through this website shall be deemed confidential.

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Mah-Jongg sellers take note! Be advised that sometimes your "for sale" post can attract offers from scam artists who offer to buy your stuff but are really trying to rip you off. Click here to see examples of actual scam emails received by the webmaster of this site. And don't fall for these scams.


From: Fran
Sent: Tuesday, October 14, 2014 6:13 PM
Subject: Tiles For Sale
PTiles For Sale:
Material the tiles are made of:
URL where you can see pictures:
Sent from my iPad

[Fran, you're going to have to provide some detail about exactly what you're selling! - Webmaster]

How to sell, how to donate?

> From: Sidney T
> Sent: Friday, April 25, 2014 12:00 PM
> Subject: mah jong set
> Tom;
> We acquired this set many years ago from a friend We were told it is from the 20's
> We would like to sell now and would appreciate some advice as to where and how would be the most efficient method.
> Any idea abot approximate value would be appreciated.
> Believe I have attached pics as per instructions.
> Do you need any additional info?
> How do I make donation to your site?
>Sidney T
>leather case with handle in reasonable good condition for age.
>3 draws, two with tiles one with accessories
>the top is not attached as the threads sewing at leather hinge are missing.
>Can easily be sewed back in holes
>148 tiles bamboo and Bakelite
>Size; 13/16ths X 13/16ths X 7/16ths
>4 buttons south, east, north, west in case
>130 sticks assorted sizes.
>6 dice in box
>2 scorecards by Mrs. Prescott Warren copyright 1924
>3 Pr. Dice in wood box
>43 cracks no 1-9
>31 bams no. 1-9
>26 dot no 1-9
>11 flowers
>14 blanks
>2 red dragons
>2 green dragons
>19 wind tiles
>5 betting discs
>Betting sticks?
> 40 x 20 dots
> 39 x 14 dots
> 8x 10 dots
> 40 x 2 dots

Hi, Sidney.
One of your photos tells the story of your set much better than your written description, so I broke down your photo to show the composition of each suit and tile type. You wrote:

We would like to sell now and would appreciate some advice as to where and how would be the most efficient method.
Your BEST bet is to sell it on eBay. You can also post it on my Tiles For Sale BB - but to save us both some trouble, I'm not only answering your questions here on the Q&A BB but also posting this on the Tiles For Sale BB (not on the Sets For Sale BB, since you do not have a complete set).

Any idea abot approximate value would be appreciated.
That's really hard, because what you have is not a complete set -- it's a hodgepodge of tiles from two sets, with a lot of them missing. The case is worthless, but the scorecards might be worth something (I didn't see a picture and you didn't tell me condition), and the tiles and other bits all have value. But only to (a) collectors who need replacement parts, or (b) sellers who sell tiles and bits to collectors.

Do you need any additional info?
Normally, I would need all the information in FAQ 7H, especially condition. But since your set is just a collection of random tiles, I can't really give you a valuation. I don't know how much you might get for a batch of 148 random bone and bamboo tiles.

You say you have 148 tiles in all. If you look at, you'll see that bone and bamboo tiles can go from $4 to $10 each, depending on quality, demand, and rarity of the tile's carving. That does NOT mean YOU will get that much for each tile. To get that much means opening a website of your own (that costs money, and takes time to manage), and it will take a LONG time to sell them all, one or two at a time to people who are missing a tile.

So your best bet is to sell the scorecards on eBay, and sell the tiles as a lot (or broken up into suits as I've broken up your photo above), and sell the other bits as a lot. Or sell the whole collection. I have no idea what you can get for it. But let's continue doing the math thing I started a paragraph ago. Figure that any seller who might buy your parts, for the purpose of reselling, absolutely has to make a profit (otherwise it's not worth his while). The absolute most a seller might pay for your tiles is somewhere around $1 each. If you have 148 tiles, that comes to about how much a complete set in good condition would go for - so I think it's unlikely someone would pay $150. More likely, under $100. But I could well be wrong.

How do I make donation to your site?
Click anywhere on this site where it says "donations appreciated." I accept donations through Paypal. I suppose if anyone wanted to send me a check instead, all he or she would have to do is email me and say "what's your address, so I can send you a check?" (^_^)

May the tiles be with you.
Tom Sloper

Creator of the weekly Mah-Jongg column and the Mah-Jongg FAQs -- donations appreciated.
Author of "The Red Dragon & The West Wind," the definitive book on Mah-Jongg East & West.
Los Angeles, California, USA
April 25, 2014

Name = Where The Winds Blow
Email = Sales AT
Sent: Sunday, January 20, 2013 7:57 AM
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From: ""
Subject: Tiles for sale
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2011 11:13:31 -0700
Name = - We Specialize in Vintage Mah Jong games
Email =
Items for sale = Please visit my web site, we specialize in Quality Vintage mah jong games and accessories including:
10 Flowers
2 tone
AP Games
Chinese Bakelite
French Ivory
ES Lowe
Mah Jongg Sales of America
Royal Depth Control
Mah Jong accessories
I also have many orphan Mah Jong tiles and would be delighted to try and assist in helping you find your missing tiles

[Post removed - original poster says, "I have sold all the tiles!!! You are the best!! Thanks!" - Webmaster]

Name: Matthew Shim

Did you lose a tile or two and need replacements?
Need some extra tiles for jokers?
Are some of your mahjong tiles mismatched or off-colored?
Just want some spare mahjong tiles?

Pleas visit Mahjongtiles(TM) -- Mahjong Tile Replacements & Museum

You can search over 16,000 mahjong tiles! Including:
80+ catalin/bakelite sets
15+ hand carved bakelite (aka Chinese Bakelite) sets
25+ bone and bamboo sets
5+ french ivory celluloid sets
5+ pyralin sets
10+ solid wood/solid bamboo sets
15+ modern plastic sets
10+ combination/composite sets

Name: National Mah Jongg League
Email: (Sorry, the NMJL does not have an email address)


Rescuing Mah Jongg Sets
If you have lost tiles from your set or have an older set that needs additional tiles, the League will make an attempt to obtain a match for your set. If you need a tile or tiles, send it to us, in an insulated bag (jiffy bag). Request the specific tiles needed, be it a Joker, Flower or Symbol. The League will obtain the nearest match to your set and substitute the new tile, putting a Joker, Flower or Symbol decal on your tile. This gives the best "mix" of tiles, since all tiles age somewhat differently.

The League will do its utmost to provide symbol tiles exactly as requested. Price is $3.50 per tile ($4.25 for bamboo), including postage. Please include check or money order with your request.

    National Mah Jongg League
    250 West 57th Street
    New York, NY 10107
    Phone: (212) 246-3052
    Fax: (212) 246-4117

Name = CHarli
Email = Please email me from my web site
Items for sale = Please visit my web site, I specialize in Quality Vintage mah jong sets, Bakelite, Catalin and Bone and Bamboo. I also have thousands of orphan tiles. If you don't see what you want don't hesitate to email me --- it may still be on the shelf waiting to be listed. See you soon CHarli

Name = Pat Mead
Email =
Tiles for sale = SPRING HAS SPRUNG and while a lot of the country is still under a foot of snow, I am under a foot of orphaned tiles in 80 degree heat here in Miami. I need to 'Spring clean' and would like you to please email me if you need extra tiles to complete your set. I have bone & bamboo, bakelite, catalin, lucite, 2-toned, wood, enrobed and all need a good home with a new purpose.


Mah-Jongg sellers take note! Be advised that sometimes your "for sale" post can attract offers from scam artists who offer to buy your stuff but are really trying to rip you off. Click here to see examples of actual scam emails received by the webmaster of this site. And don't fall for these scams.


Old posts are periodically removed to make the page load faster on computers using slower modems and to regulate traffic on this site. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused. If your post was removed, please feel free to post again! To request removal of an outdated or erroneous posting, email the webmaster. There are several bulletin boards on this site - when requesting removal of your post, please tell us which board your post is on (this is the TILES FOR SALE board).

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