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FAQ #26. So You Want To Teach Mah-Jongg

The bulk of this FAQ consists of reader Q&As about teaching. But before I get into that, let me share some marketing tips.

  • Send me your contact information (webmaster at sloperama dot com) and I'll post it in the teachers listing in FAQ 4a;
  • Once a year you should send me an email (webmaster at sloperama dot com) to post on the Find Players/Teachers BB;
  • You may find more marketing ideas by reading FAQ 15.

    Sorry, but the Teachers, Players, and Events listings are suspended until the pandemic situation has changed significantly for the better. Some links above may not work in the meantime. Play safe and stay healthy!

    Okay, then. Here goes with some Q&As...

    From the Mah-Jongg Q&A Bulletin Board (not in any particular order):

    Teaching at the Pacific Asia Museum, 2002 (Pasadena, CA)

    At the Homestead Museum's "Ticket to the Twenties," 2012

    At the Homestead Museum's "Ticket To The Twenties," 2002

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