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FAQ 4a. Favorite Mah-Jongg Links

Latest update: September 2020 (note that I often forget to update this line)
These are just a few, selected from among the many mah-jongg links in FAQ 4b -- click here or on a link in the nav frame at left to read other Mah-Jongg FAQs.
Click a link to jump directly to the type of links you're looking for:

  • Mah-Jongg Sets & Goods
  • Mah-Jongg Organizations in America
  • Mah-Jongg Tournaments & Cruises
  • Other Excellent Mah-Jongg Sites

    Teachers list is offline for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic.

    Commercial Vendors and Suppliers

  • Fun With Mah Jongg has mah-jongg sets, tiles, and accessories. Even big-number tiles for the visually impaired.

  • specializes in selling "vintage" mah jong sets.

  • is your one-stop destination for mahjong goods - especially Japanese mahjong goods.

  • The Mah Jongg Maven - The Largest Selection of Mah-Jongg Games, Gifts & Supplies Available. Online ordering available. FREE Color Catalog Available.

  • has fine quality mah-jongg gifts, gold mah-jongg charms, nightlights, trinket boxes, and many more mah-jongg accessories!

  • Yellow Mountain Imports - Fine mahjong sets, accessories, and more for the mahjong enthusiast.

    For more mah-jongg vendor/supplier website listings, see FAQ #4b.

    Mah-Jongg Organizations in America

  • The National Mah Jongg League has been around since 1937.

  • The American Mah-Jongg Association sells an alternative American card, played using NMJL rules (with a couple of differences), and organizes tournaments.

  • Marvelous Mah Jongg sells an alternative American card, mah-jongg jewelry, and mah-jongg items for mobile phones. The card is released annually with the Chinese New Year.

  • The Wright-Patterson rules are available only from the Wright Patterson Mah Jongg Group. This Western game is the one played by officers' wives on American military bases all over the world (see FAQ 2 and FAQ 3).
    Mah Jongg Book Sales
    PO Box 1067
    Fairborn, OH 45324

  • The United States Professional Mahjong League hosts learning and events in Japanese Riichi Majan, in New York City. USPML hosted the 2017 WRC in Las Vegas.

  • Pacific Mahjong League, Southern California branch, meets in Torrance, CA -
  • Pacific Mahjong League, Northern California branch, meets in Danville, CA -

    For information about organizations in other countries, see FAQ 4b.

    Tournaments & Cruises

  • For a schedule of American Mah Jongg tournaments in the Los Angeles area, see Judi and Bill's Mah Jongg Fun website at

  • 4 Winds Mah Jongg tournaments in Bellmore, Long Island, NY organized by Sheryl Perry - American mah-jongg.

  • The American Mah Jongg Association (the alternative American Mah-Jongg organization) organizes tournaments and events.

  • For information on NMJL tournaments and cruises around the country, a copy of the official tournament rules, and additional information on the tournaments and cruises, visit Mah Jongg Madness.

  • For information on NMJL tournaments and cruises in San Diego and Southern California, visit the Travel Wizard site at

  • Not only tournaments, but a warm friendly environment where people have fun playing the game of Mah Jongg. The Purple Dragon club is in Fort Myers, Florida.

  • For information on weekly American-style tournaments in West Palm Beach, FL, contact Dorothy Kornheiser by email at or call her at 561-689-8299.

  • Tournaments in Manhattan (the one in New York, not the one in California)! Check the website: or write to the organizers at: manhattanmahj@aol dot com.

  • For info on American-style tournaments in the Midwest, visit Dawn promises you'll have a lot of fun and meet nice people who love to play mah-jongg.

  • For information about organizing your own tournament, read FAQ 21 here on this website.

  • Also keep an eye out for tournament announcements on the Find Players/Teachers bulletin board.

    Other Excellent Mah-Jongg Sites

  • Michael Stanwick's site is full of amazing information about mah-jongg sets and their history.

  • CHarli's museum page is another great resource if you are looking for information about collectible mah-jongg sets. And see her sister site, 13 Orphans; galleries of sets, cards, and orphan tiles (maybe you have a set that is missing some?).

  • Carli van Emde Boas has his extensive collection of mah-jongg sets on display at

  • Cool Old Games has a very useful gallery of photos of old American mah-jongg sets at Also tips on restoration and repair!

  • Author Gregg Swain has a blog and information about sets at

  • Martin Rep of the Netherlands founded Mahjong NEWS, an impressive and comprehensive internet newspaper about all things mah-jongg; after changing owners a couple of times, it is now sadly inactive.

  • Linda Fisher's site describes American-style mah-jongg as it is played today, in detail, for new players.

  • Join Johni Levene's popular Facebook group, "Mah Jongg, That's It!" for lively conversations about American mah-jongg and all things mah-jongg.

  • is a subscription site that offers instructional videos, a free newsletter, blogs, and forums. Focus is on American (NMJL) rules, but also has sections on Asian rules.

    For LOTS more mah-jongg website listings, see FAQ #4b.

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