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FAQ #13:

More Tips About Writing Game Design Documents

NOTE: this article is a follow-on to FAQ 2. They're a matched set - collect them both!
Originally written: March, 2002. Last update: April, 2017

I have not only written a lot of designs, I've also read a lot of them. I know what to do when writing one, but I've learned a lot of "do's & don'ts" by reading designs written by others.

So there you have some more tips about writing game designs. Just remember, what is the purpose of writing the design? - That will determine the form of your document, and what you need to put into it.

More on this topic, from the Game Design Q&A Bulletin Board...

NOTE: this lesson is a follow-on article for FAQ 2. They're a matched set - collect them both!

Need a sample game design document? Click here. And you can find links to places where more sample GDDs can be downloaded in FAQ 2 - Game Design Outline.

Need to include 3D sketches in your design? Google Sketchup is highly recommended. And it's free!

A great tool for laying out your game's menuing system is MetaCard.

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