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FAQ 7U: Mah-Jongg Manufacturing Companies

A great many visitors to this site ask me questions about the age or the value of their mah-jongg sets, and they also often ask me about the manufacturers of their sets. I am sorry to disappoint, but I am no expert on mah-jongg manufacturing companies. It may seem odd, but many manufacturers of mah-jongg sets do not identify themselves on their products, or do not brand their sets. This oddity makes it difficult for collectors who want to know who made their sets.

If you are looking for information about who manufactured your mah-jongg set, I recommend you visit these sites:

  • Carli van Emde Boas has his extensive collection of mah-jongg sets on display at

  • CHarli's museum page is a great resource if you are looking for information about collectible mah-jongg sets.

  • Cool Old Games has a very useful gallery of photos of old American mah-jongg sets at Also tips on restoration and repair!

  • If you're contemplating travel to Hong Kong, I visited a manufacturer there once. You can read about it at

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