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By Tom Sloper
April Fool's Day, 2012

Column #513

American Mah-Jongg. Know what I love? What I love is when somebody's using a custom rule, then runs into a situation, and asks me how to solve the situation. The most common ones I get are based on Hot Wall or Cold Wall rules.

A hot wall!

This one is representative (several people have asked variations on this):

"What is the purpose of the 'final' it treated differently in terms of play? I've heard that when the game reaches the 'final' wall, it's been referred to as a 'hot' wall and a 'cold' wall, that no one is allowed to call discards from that point forward. Likewise, I've also heard that you can call a tile, but only to claim Mah Jongg."

A cold wall

And I love the first twelve words of this one:

"I know 'hot wall' is not part of the official rules, but my group has decided to start playing that if we're in a hot wall and someone discards a tile that gives someone mah jongg and the discarding player cannot account for 3 of those tiles, she pays for the entire table. My question is, what if the discarded tile is a Flower? Since there are 8 Flowers, it seems she should have to account for more Flowers to avoid the penalty, maybe 7 Flowers?"

Under the official rules, the last wall does not have any "temperature." The rules do not change just because the wall is short. Read FAQ 14!

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