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By Tom Sloper (トム•スローパー)
2009年 11月 8日
Column #430

Japanese Modern (riichi/dora). Faithful readers may recall that I've written on my website about Los Angeles mahjong parlor Janyou before. The parlor changed hands and was renamed Tokyo Kaikan a few years ago. The parlor recently changed hands again, and on November 1, the new owners held a "grand opening" tournament to celebrate the occasion. The new owners, Oku-san and Komai-san, say they'll probably change the name again, but haven't decided on the new name yet.* Sixteen players participated in the tournament (four tables).

The tournament was elimination-style. After the first round, half the players went on to the second round. The top four then played one another for the final round.

I came to observe and take photos.

I was especially interested in tracking the progress of my friends Ricky Shiraishi and Steve Sera.

The top 8 players at the end of the first round, going on to the 2nd round: Matsuki-san, Ricky, Ryou-san, Seigo-san, Ikeda-san, Tetsu-san, Chief, and Yasu-san. The top 4 players who played in the final round: Seigo-san, Tetsu-san, Ikeda-san, and Ryo-san. Top prize winner: Ryo-san.

Full pictorial at

* In September 2014, I happened to be passing by the intersection of Western and Carson, and so went to have a look at the storefront. I'm guessing that the mahjong parlor is still inside (I didn't get out of my car). Its name now is Nago-ya. The address is 1648 G Carson Street, Torrance CA 90501.


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