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By Tom Sloper
December 16, 2012

No. #549

American Mah Jongg (2012 NMJL card). What would you discard?

1. I'd go for Consec. #1. There are also some 13579 options that don't need flowers, so I'd cut the flower.

2. This is probably 2468 #4, and the 8B is not needed, and there is an extra 6D.

3. Must decide between W-D #2 (nine tiles but missing an entire pair) and #5 (nine tiles but a con-cealed hand). Not having even one 5B makes #2 a poor risk; I'd start throwing fives.

4. 369 #s 4 and 5 are too far away; but this could be 369 #3, or Like Nos. 9B can go.

5. The bottom consec. hand. If 2-3-4, you can get rid of the fives and two of the threes. If 3-4-5, you need another four, and you can lose the twos and one of the threes. Either way, one of the threes can go now.

6. You've been playing between Elevens and W-D #2. You can still do that a little longer. Discard 7C.

7. Evens #2, #3, or #4. And you have to decide now. Not counting jokers: six tiles towards #2; eight tiles towards #3; seven tiles towards #4 (but a pair is missing). Go for #3. The dragons can go.

8. 2468 #7 (seven tiles) or Consec. #6 (eight); you must choose between them. The Consec. option is stronger, so throw a crak.

9. Like Numbers? Consec. #5? The Consec. option is stronger, so F can go. Throw it sooner rather than later.

10. Odds, but which way: #2, #4, #7? They're even (seven tiles each), but 9C is not used by any of them.

11. W-D #1, #5? Or how about 2012 #1? Five tiles for the first, seven for the second, and six for the third. Or how about W-D #3 (eight tiles). Forget 2012; ones and zero can go.

12. Odds #1 (six tiles), #2 (six), #7 (seven), #8 (six)? One has to be eliminated: not #7, and not #2, either. Keeping those two options releases 7B to discard.

A tip o' the Sloper hat to sharp-eyed reader Mary E!

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