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Frequently referenced columns:

  • How Many Flowers and Jokers (American): Column 509
  • What To Look For When Buying A Mah-Jongg Set: Column 547
  • The Big Square: Column 492
  • The 1920s Bone/Bam Boxed Set: Column 610
  • Picking from the Wall (American): Column 481
  • Oops, Wait, I Changed My Mind: Column 499
  • The Window of Opportunity, v1.0, 2010: Column 458
  • The Window of Opportunity, v2.0, 2015: Column 639
  • Sloper's defense strategy terminology: Column 607
  • Charleston Strategy: The Four Steps, part 1 (American): Column 630
  • Charleston Strategy: The Four Steps, part 2 (American): Column 631
  • Charleston Strategy: The Four Steps (Updated, Revised, June 2019): Column 725
  • On Stopping The Charleston: Columns 493 & 494
  • The 3-Player Charleston: Column 532
  • What If Everybody Wants To Blind Pass? Column 534
  • The Most Powerful Hand on the NMJL Card: Column 604
  • Dealing With Slow Players: Column 375
  • The Psychology of Slow Players: Column 621
  • Cheating: Column 325, Column 403, Column 412, Column 437
  • Blurting Information, Paying Attention: Column 467 and Column 654
  • Why Roll Dice? Column 403
  • Hot Wall / Cold Wall (American): Column 513
  • Win by Joker Redemption 1 (American): Column 497
  • Win by Joker Redemption 2 (American): Column 580
  • Misnaming a Discard (American): Column 472
  • Rules vs. Strategies: Column 512
  • Is It A Rule? (NMJL), Part 1: Column 588
  • Is It A Rule? (NMJL), Part 2: Column 589
  • Is It A Rule? (NMJL), Part 3: Column 590
  • NMJL rulebook revision 2013: Column 667
  • NMJL rulebook revision 2018: Column 696
  • Words, Part 1 (steal, call): Column 353
  • Words, Part 2 (pick, draw, pass, pure, neutral): Column 460
  • Words, Part 3 (run): Column 463
  • Words, Part 4 (deal, a story with words): Column 477
  • Words, Part 5 (antique, vintage, modern, old): Column 502
  • Words, Part 6 (hold): Column 656
  • Joker Bait (American): Column 423
  • Heavenly Hand: Column 666
  • Introducing Yelda: Column 387
  • Yelda Revisited: Column 416
  • Phase Strategy (un-American variants): Column 542

    NOTE: Because of my work schedule, I cannot always post a column every week.

    The tile graphics used in this column are primarily a font that was modified by the author (adding corner indices and a Joker tile from a font created by Yoshiki Kita and available for free download at https://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~mn8y-kt/font/font.html. Occasionally, the "Canton" font has been used in some columns. The Canton font is available for sale at https://www.partae.com/fonts/canton/canton.html.

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