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Tom Sloper, from the Japanese manga "Kindai Majan" (2007年10月1日 issue, in the comic strip "愉快な人々," by artist 有元美保.
Color added by Sloper.

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What Is Game Design?
The continuing impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on game jobs.
"I have a Great Idea for a game. How do I make big bucks off it?"
Basic Outline For a Game Design Document.
Preparing For a Career in Game Design.
Applying For a Job in Game Design.
Testers -- The Unsung Heroes of Games.
Trade Shows and Conferences -- Are They Worthwhile? 
(Written 2001; now outdated)
Various Jobs In The Game Biz -- Which Are You Suited For?
Recommended Books For Aspiring Designers
Professionalism and Attitude
All About The Process (How Videogames Are Made)
"FAQ 1 Redux" - MORE About What To Do With Your Game Idea
Things You Can Do At Home to Build Your Portfolio
More Game Design Tips
The Job of Game Designer
The Job of Game Programmer by Marc Vaughan
Developing Independent Games by Noah Decter-Jackson
More About Testing (The View From Inside Q.A.) by Matthew S Burns
How I Got My Start: The GAME TIME Watch  
Game Calculator (another blast from the past)  
Board Game Design  
The Submission Process
Classic Games Q&A
"Catch-23." Quandaries, Contradictions, and Oxymora of the Game Biz.
Ten Stupid Things Wannabes Do
(Stupid Wannabe Tricks)
How To Choose A College/University
"How Hard Is It?"
Barrier-Busting Tips
Starting Your Own Development Company
"If You Have To Ask..."
"What If I Have The Ultimate Idea?"
Writing For Games
The Korean Game Developers Conference 2003
A Question of Degree
More About Submissions
Learn How to Fish
A's to Teacher-Assigned Career Project Q's
Prototyping Card Games
Legal Stuff (Part 1: Protecting Your IP)
Passions! ... vs. Feelings
Switching Careers
The Idea Man Calleth
Regular College vs. Game School
(Deprecated. Don't ask.)
Conferences Redux
(2004; contains some outdated material)
Words of Wisdom
So You Want to Work In Japan
"Is It Enough?"
"Is It Possible?"
"Waste Of Time?"
Two-Choices Questions
Graphics & Audio
Networking Tips
Life In "Perfect Land"
"How Do I Make My Own Video Game?"
How To Succeed In The Game Biz
Contracts in the Game Biz (Legal Stuff, Part 2)
Exceptions to the Rules
The Publishing FAQ; Making A Game Is The Easy Part
So You Want To Use Somebody Else's IP (Legal Stuff, Part 3)
The Finances of Game Development
Stuck In A Non-Game Country
How To Ask Good Questions To Get Good Answers
"Is It Worth It?"
So You're Still In High School And You Want A Job Now
"Game Time" Watch vs. "Game & Watch"
Level Design
How To Make a Decision Grid
"Am I Screwed? Am I Too Old?"
"I Dream of Coming to America"
"Applying Long Distance"
"Thirtysomething And No Degree"
How To Write A Game Bug Report
A Matter of Degree... Masters Degree
Game Schools Trifecta
The Language of Game Design
Everybody Wants to Design
Developing In a Vacuum
Gushers Not Wanted (Cover Letters)
"Budding Community Manager?"
The Experience Experience
Location, Location, Location
Playing the Upgrade-to-Designer Game
"Student Projects In My Portfolio"
Résumé Filters
Does [Company] Size Matter?
"My Parents"
Summer Job Scams
Got A Game Idea But No Skills And No Money. So I'll Start My Own Company!
A Note to Professors
about those forum post assignments

* Since the IGDA website was relaunched on October 1, 2013, my column, "The Games Game," went bye-bye.

The Game Design Bulletin Board Ask questions, you'll get straight answers. On the bulletin board. In this online format only. Please don't ask for special treatment, like phone answers, or emailing the FAQs to you... Tom is programmed to be helpful in this online format only.

Who the heck is this Tom Sloper guy anyway? I mean, you know, what games did he ever design or produce? Here's the list.

"Classic" Videogames - My CGE speech about how the classic Vectrex game SPIKE was designed.

Some pictures I took in Japan. I've been there only seventeen times... (^_^) [Number 17 was to participate in the 2002 World Championship in Mah-Jongg.]

Some pictures I took in Hong Kong when I went to the Toys & Games Fair 2002.

Pictures of Seoul, South Korea, from when I went to speak at the 2003 Korean Game Developers Conference.

More pictures of Seoul, South Korea, from when I went to speak the following year at the 2004 Korea Games Conference.

Pictures of Beijing, from when I went to participate in the 2003 China Majiang Open Championship.

Pictures of Seoul (KGC and G*Star 2006) and of Tianjin (China Majiang Championship 2006).

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