October, 2002. I was in Tokyo for the first World Championship in Mah-Jongg.

The subway system in Tokyo has long been a source of fascination for me. Not only do the trains run so punctually that you can literally set your watch by them (as I have done), but there is a whole world underground. This is a somewhat rare shot showing stairs and a ramp, with no people in sight.
This is a sequence showing (I think) Kudanshita Station (near the Grand Palace). In this shot there is no train on our side (westbound towards Shibuya), and no train on the other side.
In this shot, a train has pulled in on the eastbound side of the station.
And here comes my train, right on time as usual.
Twelve years ago when I lived in Tokyo, everybody had portable cassette tape players. These days, everybody has cell phones with email capability.
I was surprised to discover that one line has now installed walls to prevent falling onto the tracks.
A bonus aspect of the subway station is all the interesting ad campaigns. This one for a canned coffee drink features a good-looking hunk with a painted-on mustache and pipe (to mimic the logo of the coffee drink).

I had seen the above poster several times. Then in Akasaka-Mitsuke Station I was surprised to discover this female version.

Funny what amuses me...!

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