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A designer and producer of computer and video games, I am perhaps best known for my work on the Shanghai series of games for Activision. I am now an expert on the classic Chinese game of mah-jongg. (And I'm humble, too.) (^_^)

An engineering designer and modelmaker/draftsman by training, I began my entertainment career as a theater set and lighting designer before becoming a game designer and modelmaker in Southern California in the late 1970s. I designed games for the legendary Vectrex game system (Spike, Bedlam) and other platforms at Western Technologies and Sega Enterprises before joining Atari Corp. as Director of Product Development, where I was involved in the revitalization of the 2600 and 7800 game systems.

Currently teaching video game and business technologies courses at the University of Southern California. I'm interested in helping develop Games for social impact.



Maybe one of these days I'll even write those stories and make them available here. So much to do, so little time!