JMPA Mah-Jongg Promotional Tour 2003

March 20 (Thursday) - Sloper, Morris, and Kishimoto went to Santa Monica Place to give a demonstration of Chinese Official mah-jongg at Wizards of the Coast.

Kishimoto made the sign himself, and shop manager Jose Garcia graciously let the pros put the sign in the sign stand. (Mall management came by later and complained that a handmade sign was on display. Note for later tours - have signage printed in advance.)

Three boys who were at the shop to play Magic were intrigued enough to learn this new game.

The demonstration over, the boys reverted to "plan A": playing Magic (a CCG or Collectible Card Game).

Sloper, Morris, and Kishimoto then went to Sloper's apartment for the evening's planned activity. Sloper's weekly game of American mah-jongg had a decidedly international flavor for one magical evening.

The evening began with a pretty sunset...

Abe showed up towards the end of the evening.

After the game, Abe wanted a look at Sloper's mah-jongg library. She had many questions about the history of the American game.

The group says farewell. I mean, sayonara.

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