JMPA Mah-Jongg Promotional Tour 2003

March 16 (Sunday) - PART III: HOLLYWOOD! Our story so far: Morris caught up on work at the hotel room while Sloper took Abe and Kishimoto for a special sightseeing tour. Chinatown was fun but the Griffith Park Observatory was closed for renovation.

Entering Hollywood, the intrepid group discovered that something was going on at the Pantages Theater, so had to take a detour. Sloper found parking on the street. Everyone walked towards the Chinese Theater. Just before getting there, the group observed that a small crowd was gathering. A celebrity was filming a "spot" on one of the sidewalk stars in front of the new shopping center.

It would appear that the celebrity is none other than Nicole Kidman, who was awarded an Oscar one week afterwards.

Kishimoto gets a shot of Abe "with" the Hollywood star.

There's something you don't see every day (even in Hollywood). The group was lucky to be in the right place at the right time.

The entrance to the new Hollywood shopping center. Although a resident of Los Angeles, Sloper had never been here before.

Quite a place.

Only in Hollywood...

Having checked out the handprints and footprints at the Chinese Theater, the group headed back towards the car. Sloper suggested that they go to the Pantages to see what was going on there. Numerous black limousines were seen on Hollywood Boulevard, and obviously something was going on!

There was an air of excitement in Hollywood. A group of young ladies was also heading to check out the scene at the Pantages. Click the picture to see a brief 5-second movie...

Brief stops for a little souvenir shopping...

At the corner of Hollywood and Vine, there was a roadblock. And a crowd of cheering onlookers.

At the Pantages, TV celebrities were arriving for some event.

The cheering crowd was rewarded with waves from these celebs. Is that... Queen Latifah?!? Click the picture for a 5-second video. And an eventful day of sightseeing was drawing to a close.

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