You Made It! (^_^)

Again, my apologies for making you jump through so many hoops. I created these extra hoops after being awakened in the morning (yet again) by some lady from the east calling to ask me a mah-jongg question that she should've just emailed me. She admitted that she knew I didn't want her to call, but she was determined to call anyway - but she just hadn't thought about time zones. And a week after that another woman from the east coast called me at an ungodly hour - doesn't anybody know about time zones??

Mobile: (310) 344-7873
If there's no answer, please leave a message. I don't return calls without a message, and I usually don't answer calls from unknown numbers.

This number is on the U.S. "Do Not Call" Registry. So no telemarketing calls... If you please, thank you kindly.