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Shanghai Second Dynasty or
Shanghai Mah-Jongg Essentials



Regretfully, it has become untenable to continue to make card upgrades for Shanghai. I no longer have an old computer that's still capable of playing the game. The only way to make the card upgrade is to play the game. Since I can't play the game anymore, I can't make the card upgrade anymore. If the game still works on your computer, the game's Help menu contains detailed instructions for how you can make your own card upgrade. Look under the section "American Mah-Jongg: Basic Information" - the bottom section is called "How To Program Your Own American Mah-Jongg Card."

Thanks for your past interest in Shanghai. May the tiles be with you.

Please never ask me technical support questions for any computer games, including the Shanghai games I made when I was employed by Activision many many many years ago. Read FAQ 24.

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