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Last update: December, 2016

FAQ 5. "What are some computer Mah-Jongg games (real mah-jongg, not tile- matching games) that I can play, download or purchase over the Internet, and where can I find them?"

I am mainly listing games which have English-language menus -- if you want listings of Japanese-language or Chinese-language programs, do a Google search in the language you desire.
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Your choices are limited when it comes to programs that support modern American rules.

MAHJONG COMPETITION RULES (Chinese Official rules)

JAPANESE RIICHI/DORA MAJAN - Some of these may be in the Japanese language and may require you to have specific tools or plugins. But the popularity of Japanese riichi-dora majan is growing by leaps and bounds in the twenty-first century.

INTERNET - ONLINE PLAY (these should all work on any computer capable of playing internet games)
(NOTE: if you want solo (offline) games to practice or learn on at home, see the "Windows", "Mac", or "Palm/PocketPC", or "M.A.M.E.", sections, below. Scroll down to find software for other platforms as well.

WINDOWS (NOTE: these games are played solo (offline), not against other people via the internet, unless indicated otherwise. For online internet games,
see the "Internet - Java/Shockwave" section).

MACINTOSH (For online internet games,
see the "Internet - Online" section).


This FAQ is mainly about software for the computer (Windows, Macintosh, PalmOS). Although many game publishers in Japan publish console and Game Boy mah-jongg software, those programs are not easily available outside Japan. And all of those programs use Japanese rules. If there are gray-market Japanese software import shops in your area, you may be able to find mah-jongg software for your video game system. Note that your video game system would have to either be a Japanese system (made for use in Japan) or modified to support Japanese software, to run Japanese software. Shanghai (the tile-matching solitaire game) has been ported to numerous Japanese game systems, but of course THIS FAQ is all about real mah-jongg (see FAQ 12 for tile-matching games for the computer).

Here is the FAQ on handheld mah-jongg:

Handheld mah-jongg games are readily available in Japan and Hong Kong (Asian styles of mah-jongg only; not American-style). And there are Game Boy cartridges for Japanese-style mah-jongg, available in Japan as well. There are NO handheld versions of American-style mah-jongg, anywhere in the world. In case you were wondering.

Another solution would be to buy a palmtop computer (Palm, maybe Blackberry), and download Hong Kong style mah-jongg software for it. (That goes for both TRUE mah-jongg - see above -- AND "tile-matching" games - see FAQ 12. But make sure there is software for your chosen palmtop, before you buy the palmtop, if playing mah-jongg is one of your criteria for buying a palmtop.)


Julian Bradfield's game:


If you don't know what M.A.M.E. is, then you probably shouldn't bother with this section. Most of the mah-jongg games played on the M.A.M.E. system are Japanese-style "strip" mah-jongg. You have to be fairly technical and patient to download all the files, configure your system, and deal with Japanese text. If you really insist on learning more about M.A.M.E. (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator), go to


Note: I suspect that WebTV is pretty much a dead platform now, but just in case anybody wants to use this, I'm not deleting this just yet.

Although WebTV supports JavaScript 1.2, most online games are written in Java (which has different interactive capabilities than JavaScript). At the present time, I know of no mah-jongg programs written in JavaScript. Unfortunately, unless that changes, you'll need a computer (not a WebTV) to play mah-jongg online.

Here are some game sites you can try, which should be WebTV-compatible:

At the present time I do not think any of the above sites has a true mah-jongg game available for WebTV.

PSION (thanks to Gareth J. M. Saunders for these)


If I missed any Mah-Jongg games that are available for play, download, or purchase at websites, let me know and I'll add them to the list.

Note: I have not characterized all the games listed above by saying which "flavor" of mah-jongg they embody. But most of them are Chinese Classical, Hong Kong Old Style, or Japanese (except the Shanghai products and Four Winds and the NMJL game).

Got a question about this FAQ? Ask the expert -- visit to get answers to mah-jongg questions.

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April 20, 2000 (moved Alan Ng's IMS site to the inactive list)
April 27, 2000 (added several new sites; Chinese-language "Mahjong Master" (not to be confused with tile-matching game of the same name) [Windows]; an alternate site for Netmaj (or possibly another site using the same name) [Java]; and Tenny Woo's "HK Majong" (not to be confused with Nine Dragons' "Hong Kong Mahjong") [Java, Palm]
June 12, 2000 (moved Contest of Taiwan Ma Jong to the inactive websites list)
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December 31, 2000 -- added E. DeTocqueville's French-language Java game; added reference to FAQ 12 (tile-matching games)
January 22, 2001 -- added Julian Bradfield's Unix game (also works on Windows)
February 8, 2001 -- added Zoogi site
February 13, 2001 -- added Mahking site
February 13, 2001 -- added (Mahjong Network China) thanks to Karl Hung!
February 16, 2001 -- added Sina Games site
March 1, 2001 -- added demo download site for Berrie Bloem's game
March 6, 2001 -- added German-language Palm scoring program thanks to Orwell!
March 6, 2001 -- added email 2P mah-jongg thanks to mudbugs2000!
March 10, 2001 -- added Psion software thanks to Gareth J. M. Saunders!
May 3, 2001 -- added giganet online game thanks to yamazaki kaname (
May 15, 2001 -- moved Netmaj sites to the inactive list (they don't seem to function anymore)
May 18, 2001 -- moved the Shanghai sites to the inactive list (ditto)
June 20, 2001 -- updated the Access Girls download URL (thanks to Kevin Gowen)
June 20, 2001 -- added carriage returns (some lines ran offscreen to the right)
June 25, 2001 -- added Free Mah Jong Games Online site (thanks to Martin Rep) -- abbr: FMJGO
June 29, 2001 -- added University of Maryland's Project Glue site, and added a note to the FMJGO listing
June 30, 2001 -- Naoki told me I'd not deleted all Shanghai sites and informed me that there was still some Shanghai information available at Activision's site; so added that clarification.
July 23, 2001 -- updated the location of Harrison Leong's Palm "Pocket Mahjong" site
July 25, 2001 -- added (mah-jongg and hanafuda)
July 25, 2001 -- deleted "Free Mah Jong Games Online" site (there don't appear to actually be any mah-jongg games there)
August 3, 2001 -- fixed a broken URL ( changed to quite some time ago). Thanks to Russell Johnson of Activision for the tip!
August 3, 2001 -- edited the info about Activision's Shanghai pages
August 13, 2001 -- added Fatchoising Mahjong Club and MahJong Luck
October 3, 2001 -- added a couple more sites
October 14, 2001 -- added a couple more
October 23, 2001 -- minor change to the Mindertech entry (thanks to Gareth Saunders)
October 28, 2001 -- deleted Activision's pages about Shanghai (they are now gone)
November 23, 2001 -- updated the WebTV section
December 11, 2001 -- added a link
December 11, 2001 -- converted FAQ to HTML format
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April 7, 2002 -- deleted and fixed several broken links (including Arcanium, Access Girls, and a few others); deleted inactive sites list (thanks to Martin Rep)
April 16, 2002 -- updated the info about the NMJL game, and duplicated it in the Internet section since the game is played online after downloading (Windows only)
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