"Keys to Winning at Mah-Jongg and Poker"
by Haishang Laoyouke*

Mah-Jongg and playing-cards scholar Thierry Depaulis translates the title as follows: "Maqiao puke mi jue" (pinyin romanization) = "Secret Method for Mahjong and Poker."

This book, published by Shanghai Shijie Shuju, in May, 1920, is one of the earliest known Chinese books on mah-jongg, according to mah-jongg author Ryo Asami, writing in MAJAN HAKUBUTSUKAN DAIZUROKU ("Illustrated Book of the Mah-Jongg Museum," or literally translated "Mah-Jongg Museum Big Encyclopedia"). Edited by the Mah-Jongg Museum. Publisher: Takeshobo, April 1999. ISBN 4-8124-0473-8.

* Note that Haishang Laoyouke is not the author's real name. "Haishang" is a play on "Shanghai."

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