Tom Sloper's special visit to VEGA.

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  Mr. Tom Sloper, game-designer of "Shanghai" visited Vega.

  On the 20th of December,1999, he came to VEGA with mahjong pro-players,

  Junko Takahasi and Taro Kaneko and studied "Three-players Mahjong".


  Mr. Sloper had worked at SEGA and Atari. He is actually working at Activision.

  Among many games designed in the past, "Shanghai"is probably the most well-known.

  At present he is engaged in the development and operation of five games.


  Lived in Los Angeles, this was his 14th visit to Japan.

  Five years as a Mahjong player, he practices four times a week and plays often

  in American style.

  He bets, but the rate is much lower than usual Japanese practice.


  He loves not only playing mahjong but "Mahjong-hai" itself.

  So he is a collector of antique "mahjong-hai"

  not only Japanese But also Chinese and America.


  Here is a message from Mr. Tom Sloper for you !

  「Please learn the many flavors of mar-jan , 

   and you will experience good tastes !」



Mr. Tom Sloper



Pro-mahjong player

 Junko Takahasi

Pro-mahjong player

Taro Suzuki



Mr. Sloper win.

15 point x 2.



Mr. Sloper do "li-chi".



Mr. Tom Sloper

Miss. Junko Takahasi

Mr. Taro Suzuki

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