Print-It-Yourself Mah-Jongg Kards*

by Robert Kalin

Click on the thumbnails to go to the full versions. Then save the images on your hard drive. Know where you saved them! Know their names! Then you can go get them, color them in if you want, print them, cut them out, and PLAY! For the Compass kards, you can also put them into card protectors (card sleeves, available at shops where baseball cards and collectible card games are sold). Otherwise, it's recommended that you print these on the heaviest card stock your printer will handle. And use an X-acto knife and a stainless steel straightedge ruler to cut the kards apart.

*Why do I call them "kards" instead of "cards"? See FAQ 7i.

Matiao/Peng He Pai Kards

Okay, well, maybe they aren't Matiao precisely - they're money-suited cards (the cards that inspired the suits of the mah-jongg set. Matiao actually used four suits (and not quadruplicated). As described in FAQ 11):

And actually, neither Matiao nor Peng He Pai had winds, dragons, flowers, or jokers. So these kards look like those old money-suited cards - but include extra kards so you can use them to play mah-jongg (even American mah-jongg).

Print four each of MATIAO1 and MATIAO2 - and print one of MATIAO3, to create a complete 144-kard standard deck that can be used to play mah-jongg.

The rules for Matiao and Peng He Pai we don't happen to have at present (if anybody has Matiao or Peng He Pai rules, please contact tomsterDON' (note anti-spam device - you know what to do!).

If you need Vietnamese-style joker kards or Singapore-style animal flowers (or whatever) to play your type of mah-jongg, use your creativity and create your own, using these as a template.

Compass of Fate

A deck of mah-jongg kards inspired by the looks of the Tarot. Print four of each kard to make a complete 136-kard basic mah-jongg deck. If you need flowers or jokers for your type of mah-jongg, use your creativity and create your own, using these as a template.

Card graphics (c)Robert Kalin. Used by permission.