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The 2007 Open European Mahjong Championship

Tournament-related Activities

Pre-tournament Sightseeing
Tournament-related Activities
The Big Competition

Henrik Leth, Mimura-san, Owaki-san, and me. At Fata Morgana, a restaurant where the Copenhagen players often get together to play, eat, and drink. 

Yukari Kugimiya with the hand she won at Fata Morgana.

Masato Chiba, Yuri Tezuka, Anders Labich, and Henrik Leth at Fata Morgana.

At Fata Morgana. Yuri-san, Alexander, Oda-san, Benjamin.

A bunch of rowdy Americans (also known as "the Mahjong Players Association of America"). We found a great Hong Kong style restaurant just a couple blocks from the tournament venue, and thoroughly mystified the head waiter by knowing more about mahjong than he did (and a couple of us could even throw some Cantonese phrases at him). 

After the first (second?) day of the tournament, we had dinner at a fort in the harbor. This mermaid statue was at the place where we waited for the boats to take us there. Benjamin decided to take his hand down when he saw me aiming my camera. "Oh, no! Tom will post this on his blog!"

Four Danes, one German, one American. (Can you tell I'm getting tired typing captions?)

Dragon and Lynn Chang (Taiwan), Nusreta and Martin Mauthner (Austria), and Yukari and Kimito Kugimiya (Japan).

Me with Dan Glimne (Swedish game author) in front of the stone breasts. I mean mermaid.

The famous "Little Mermaid," from a better vantage point this time.

Me with Jenn Barr and the Little Mermaid.

The boats drop us at the fort.

The evening will be capped with the burning of a bonfire. Complete with effigy of a witch. Wow, these Danish sure go out of their way to make an American feel right at home!

The fort still has some old guns.

One must pass through a tunnel to get to the cannon emplacement.

Suzuki-san reflects.

Some pre-dinner drinks for everyone. Here I am with the Chinese contingent.

Four fine French fellows.

You can never have too many photos of Jenn, I always say.

Me with Jenn Barr, Dragon Chang, and Masato Chiba.

Chiba-san, an old friend after playing together at three tournaments.

Uwe Martens discusses matters of mahjong import with András Boda-Nyulasi.

Martin Rep, Dragon Chang, and Franz Korntner.

These guys regaled me with their imitations of drunken Scotsmen.

Inside, I asked Yvonne van der Heide to have a photo taken with me. I got more than I bargained for: before I could stand, she sat down! A few months later, we had a wonderful Chengdu adventure together at the World Mahjong Championship.

After dinner, the sun setting, we went back outside for a nice island bonfire.

The ceremonial pouring of the combustible accelerant. Just like Boy Scout camp!

Uwe gives a fireside speech.

We all sang "Amazing Grace" as the bonfire began crackling.

Did I say "Amazing Grace"? I meant "amazing grays."

"Ding dong, the witch is dead..."

"Which old witch, the wicked witch!" Are you sure this isn't America? Feels just like jolly old New England.

Moon over Copenhagen.

Before the fire burned all the way down, we got back on the boats and headed past this oceanliner on our way back to the mainland. The next morning: more competition!

Pre-tournament Sightseeing
Tournament-related Activities
The Big Competition

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