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AKA Stettin, Poland

I'd gone to Europe for the 2005 Open European Mahjong Championship and took the opportunity for a business trip. My first visit to Stettin (actually, Szczecin) was to visit the developers of a game I'm working on.

June 28, 2005. Allan picked me up in Berlin and drove me on the Autobahn. Along the way, we got off the highway, looking for gas and food, and came upon this picturesque East German town, not far from the Polish border.
In Szczecin we hooked up with the development team. Left to right: Vojtek Pazdur (lead designer), Allan Kirkeby (executive producer), Piotr Gagatek (managing director), Vojtek Knopf (lead programmer).
Here we are in front of the house where the team has its local headquarters.
Meeting concluded, we headed off to show me some picturesque parts of town. This very old structure in the heart of town was closed to tourists but we took a photo.
This stately building is near the riverfront. Panning right from here...
... is this lovely structure overlooking the river.
Pan farther right and we have a perfect spot to pose for a group shot. They look like a rock band, don't they?
And overlooking it all is this imposing building. I guess it's Szczecin Town Hall or something.
We finished it off with drinks and dinner at a nice restaurant. Somehow or other I found myself telling my "I went to Woodstock" story. I think the pig back in the corner enjoyed the story more than anyone...

Slept that night in Szczecin, then Allan drove me back to Berlin, where I went out for a pleasant walk in the city's historic center.

On this trip I also visited Nijmegen, Amsterdam, and Berlin...

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