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The Third China Majiang Championship and Forum

October 29-31, 2005, Beijing, China

Still smoggy. You can kinda see the sun on its way up the sky there.

What I wanted to do on my last morning was to go to Tiananmen Square. Here are some selected photos.

I left Tiananmen Square to get a photo of the gate at Beihai Park. Along the way, I saw this building under construction. I thought it was a stadium for the 2008 Olympics, but after I got back home to Los Angeles I happened to hear about this building on NPR. Turns out it's a theater, designed by an architect from France. And of course it's controversial for its oddball shape (completely out of keeping with the surrounding squarish government buildings, both modern and ancient).
The gate of Beihai Park.

Another look at the new theater building.
Typical traffic. It only occurred to me at the last minute that I ought to try to get a photo of a tricycle cab - you can kinda see one back in there behind the bicyclists. The passenger rides in the enclosed cab, facing backwards.
This sign tells you not to blow your horn.
At the airport, I found a music shop - and they had the CD I'd been looking for. May Hu's note (showing the name of the CD written in Chinese) had done the trick! Our flight took a very long time to get to the runway. Seems only one runway was in use - the other was under repair. In this photo you can see workmen out there on the runway, doing work the way it's usually done in China - by hand. Remember those terraced mountains from Day Zero? All done by hand.

Friday, October 28, 2005 - First Day in China
Saturday, October 29, 2005 - Tournament Day One
Sunday, October 30, 2005 - Tournament Day Two
Monday, October 31, 2005 - Last Tournament Day
Wednesday, November 2, 2005 - Sightseeing in Beijing
Thursday, November 3, 2005 - Last Beijing Outing

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